This is me!


Hi! My name is Camilla, I am Italian and I am a traveler. But in my free time, I also am a law student and I’m probably spending too much of my student loan and various scholarships in flight tickets.

I was born in a tiny village in the middle of the Alps in a beautiful paradise called Trentino, in Italy. Spent my first 17 years pretty much just there, lost in the middle of nowhere, until I won a scholarship for spending a month in Germany. And that was the beginning of my traveling addiction. This blog was born in 2016 as most of travel blogs probably are born, that is while I was on Erasmus, precisely in Northern England.

Indeed, I consider travelling my addiction, because I cannot stay still for more than a month, otherwise I feel the urge to start planning trips and I always look for the cheapest ways to do it: working, volunteering, sleeping in hostels, couch surfing, etc. I usually do not organise my trips in detail, because anyway the plan is never going to work, but I also like to have at least a list of places to visit and foods to try. I love getting to know  locals and other fellow travelers, try to learn some basic language and learn about the local culture.

When I travel I always look for the most adventurous experiences, the ones that I would never do at home, which are way outside my comfort zone. But then, when I find a nice place in a park, or by a cristal clear stream or on the coast of some ocean, I love to just stop, breath fresh air, and read a book!

My weaknesses are TV series, vintage cameras bought at flea markets, and musicals (no joke, I can spend – and already did – quite some money on a Broadway ticket!).

I am no professional travel blogger and no professional photographer, but only a twenty-something university student who really loves travels, photography, books, films and musicals, who really only needs a space to write about her experiences and to give advices and recommendations to anybody who is just like her. I would also try to pass on to the world the lessons learned in the hard way in these years of traveling.

I have already been in 26 countries, visited the 10% of the world, but my plan is to visit the 25% by the time I’ll be 26. I don’t really know if this is possible, given that I’m already 23, but I’ll try my best.

I’ve visited:

21 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, San Marino, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Vatican City.

4 American countries: Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, United States

1 African country: Morocco

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to visit Asia and Oceania yet. On the top of my travel bucket list right now you can find South AfricaCuba and New Zealand, although I am continuously surprised by how every place always has its little treasures to find. And the only place which will always be my first choice would be Scotland, the only place in the world where one day I would love to settle down.

The most northern place that I have visited is Uig, in the Isle of Skye, Scotland (57° 35′ 2.688″ N     6° 21′ 26.388″ W).

The most southern is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22° 54′ 24.624″ S     43° 10′ 22.404″ W).

Finally, 10 more things you can learn about me if you’d like:

  1. When I was 6 I wanted to be in the army, when I was 8 I wanted to become a fashion designer, when I was 9 an electric engineer, when I was 11 an architect, when I was 13 a songwriter, when I was 17 a journalist and when I was 19 an interior designer. I am now a law student.
  2. My parents bought me my first pair of hiking boots when I was 4. The most recent birthday present from my parents was actually a new pair of hiking boots. And I love it!
  3. When I was 17 I spent 10 months in Buffalo, New York.
  4. I zip lined in the tropical forest in Costa Rica.
  5. There’s a video on YouTube of me speaking Spanish.
  6. In my school career I’ve studied so far in 3 countries, and the 4th will come soon.
  7. When I was 16 I had my first summer job, selling typical specialities in a mountain hut. With the pay check I bought my first serious camera.
  8. I love to get lost in a city I don’t know, but when I’m bored I’ll turn on Google Maps.
  9. I played volleyball for 12 years, until an injury to the ankle forced me to stop. But I didn’t really stop.
  10. I am terribly scared of becoming one of those old ladies living alone who get eaten by their cats when they die and nobody notices.


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