So today is March 8th, Women’s Day. And I don’t say it because I’m a woman, but we should celebrate somehow. We should celebrate what we achieved and what we can achieve. And we should always look towards what we still can achieve. I firmly believe in women, because I’ve met amazingly strong women in my life, starting with my mother. And we should be grateful for those who did not have an easy path as we have today but fought for it: for example, I’m a law student, but until 1963 in Italy women could not become prosecutors or judges. I mean, it’s like yesterday. And we still have to do a lot, people, wether you like it or not.

And after this philosophical start, I wanna tell you about a great initiative of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. In fact, after promoting free entry to all Italian museums on the first Sunday of each month, and cinema for only 2€ every second Wednesday of the month, today there’s free entry for women in all Italian museums!!!! Whattttt?! Yes, it’s all part of a big plan of bringing Italians closer to their culture and to their cultural sites, often better known by tourists than by us (and I don’t say this proudly!).

So I had to visit something today right? Some actual quality time to spend with some friend!! So myIMG_0856 friend Martina and I (yes, she’s the one who came to Vienna with me, and pretty much the main character of my vlog about that trip because I was always behind the camera!) decided to spend our morning, free from classes, in the MUSE, the natural science museum in my beautiful city Trento. Designed by famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, it opened in July 2013 and since then thousands of people have visited it. It’s not just the museum itself, but the whole building, which reminds the mountains all around, and the amazing collection of animals, bones, plants, etc., together with a tropical greenhouse forest.

It was great to get to know more of this amazing museum, and for free it’s always better!!


picture from cultura.trentino.it

If you read this post today (March 8th) you can still see a lot of the visit on my Instagram Stories (@_camiontheroad_), but if you missed it, here’s some of it! 😉

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