V I E N N A with Martina

I’ve worked hard on it, but I’ve made it, and, yeah, I’m kinda proud of it! I’ve made my first vlog ever about my trip to Vienna three weeks ago. But I’ll come to that later.

Well, as you may already know, about three weeks ago my friend Martina (who hereinafter will be referred to as “la Marti”)  and I have escaped from our law students routine after a 3-month-long exam session. We really needed to just get away from books, libraries, uni, Trento, and not worry, after a long time, about what we had to do for the day. My last exam finished at 5, at 7 we had a small drink for la Marti’s birthday and at 9.30 we were already on a train towards Vienna.


Vienna is a beautiful city, with that look of ancient nobility and poshness which makes you feel a princess all the time,  while wandering about magnificent palaces covered in gold and marble. There’s probably an infinite number of posts about “10 things to see in Vienna”. Well, this post ain’t one of those. Indeed I’ll just give some advices about where not to waste your time and money and where instead to go, also to see some places that are often not considered, don’t know why.


First of all, Vienna is expensive. We showed our nice uni badges everywhere, happy that being a university student was at least useful for something, but often the student discount wasn’t that great. While in other European capitals (London, Berlin) museums are free or insanely cheap for students, it’s difficult to entry for less than 10€ in any Viennese museum, even if you’re a student. And considering that Vienna is famous for its art and architecture, visiting it is an investment.


But here are some things it’s worth to spend money on:

  • the imperial apartments and Sissi’s apartments in the Hofburg Palace: the Hofburg had been the imperial residence for centuries, until the fall of the Augsburger Empire in 1918. So visiting the apartments makes you really see how the famous emperor Franz Joseph used to live, with the pictures of his beloved wife all around him. And then Sissi’s apartments, traveling through the almost mythical life of this strange empress.
  • the Palmenhaus, in the Schönbrunn gardens is an amazing greenhouse filled with palms, orchids and other exotic plants. It’s not hard to see a squirrel climb some tree, and it’s a great place to warm up if outside it’s winter.
  • Leopold Museum: if you’re in Vienna, you must love art! And if you wanna know more about the Viennese Jugendstil, this is the place! Follow Schiele’s life through his works and see the mesmerizing Death and Life by Klimt!
  • Belvedere Palace: you cannot only have a great view of the city from the beautiful gardens, but this wonderful palace also hosts some of the most famous paintings by Viennese artists, such as Klimt’s Kiss and Judith and the head of Holofernes and Schiele’s The Embrace.
  • Nationalbibliothek: if you love books, but also if you don’t, you have to see the Austrian national library: the wooden bookshelves go up to the beautifully painted ceilings! Simply wonderful!!
  • Naschmarkt: I already told you everything about this place in this post here!
  • eat an authentic Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller. It’s quite a touristic place, but the Schnitzel here is actually really good, and it is quite a typical place, right behind Stephansplatz. And so big that it’s probably better to share!! Better to reserve a table in advance.
The Palmenhaus
The Embrace by Schiele (when the picture is all crooked because you snap it trying to do it without the guard to see you)
St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Stephansplatz


Tod und Leben (Death and Life) by Klimt

Not worth the money:

  • Schönbrunn Palace: it was the Augsburger summer residence, a small Versailles  just outside the city. Although beautiful, it’s just one of the many palaces you can visit in Vienna. As said above, it’s instead very worth it to spend money to enter the Hofburg, where it’s possible to see how the royal family really used to live. For no money you can however admire the palace from outside and take a nice walk through the wonderful gardens (although it may be better in May than in February as we did!)
  • Schmetterlingenhaus: the “butterflies’ house” is a greenhouse in the Hofburg gardens. The greenhouse itself is a great iron and glass building from the beginning of the XX century, but the interior looks quite cheap, with fake orchids and plastic rocks. So the 5€ for the entry ticket is a little bit too much, even for the beautiful butterflies you can admire inside.
  • Do not go to the Sacher Café. Ok, it’s a nice Viennese café. Ok, it’s the actual place where the famous Sachertorte was invented. But really, a slice of cake costs €6,90. And I would even spend it for the sake of the historic place and the tradition, and I would even stand the line of tourist waiting, but the waiters should be way more polite!! So for less money you can have a slice of Sacher pretty much in every café in town, and probably also find nicer staff.

There are many other great places to see and things to do in Vienna, but these are the things you absolutely should or should not do there! 😉


And now, you can take a look at my vlog!! Please don’t judge, it’s the first one I’ve ever made! But I’m quite happy with it! In it you can find our tired faces (with smudged make-up after 11 hours of train), our strange traveling winter outfits, together with our laughs, our coughs, our slightly drunk talks, the songs we’ve sung, the beautiful views we’ve see, and of course much more!!!

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  1. Adam Morris says:

    Cool adventure… hope you get plenty of breaks from law school!


    1. Not that many! But trying to enjoy every moment of freedom!!

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