Naschmarkt – Vienna

Have been desaparecida from this blog for over a month but, well, with good reasons. I have slaved myself on books, while even finding the time to work a little bit in Copenaghen and Costa Rica. I however found time to post some of my photos on Instagram and Facebook and you can follow all my adventures on there! 😉

However, when these two awful months of exams have ended, my friend Martina and I have escaped to Vienna for five days for some deserved relax, right before going back to classes this week. A big post about all our adventure in Vienna is coming, but before that I want to recommend you all a couple of nice places where to grab a cup of coffee or eat a quick bite in this beautiful romantic city in the middle of Europe.

The first place is actually a lot of places in one place (loooove playing with words, sorry!). It is called Naschmarkt, and it’s just a long street market, open daily, with both little grocery shops and nice cafés and cocktail bars. So, right in front of the golden building of the Sezession, you can grab an exotic wrap for little money or have a hot chocolate to warm up during the freezing Viennese winter afternoons or just have a drink with your friends at the end of the day.


Martina and I had booked quite a fancy hotel (but I’ll talk about it in some other future post) and the most exciting thing, besides very comfortable beds after bending our necks on books for at least eight hours a day for 3 months, was the breakfast. So of course we stuffed ourselves every morning and we weren’t hungry again until late in the afternoon: this brought to some early dinners, and also early night-outs and drinks (and early being drunk). But that’s what we needed.

In Naschmarkt we tried this nice little place, with a modern minimalist design (loved their wooden tables as I love any wooden table I meet in my life). It’s called Tewa and offered some kind of middle-East style cuisine together with nice fruity drinks with home-made syrups. So although it was just 5 pm we pretty much had dinner.


What we’ve ordered:


with cream cheese and rocket




with grilled chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and spicy peanut butter sauce



APEROL SPRITZ (because we’re Italian and like our spritz to end the day wherever we go)



VANILLA CHAI LATTE (‘cause you need something hot if you wanna survive in Vienna in mid-February)



It wasn’t the best food I’ve eaten in my life, but it was simple, kinda healthy and tasty for little money, which are things which broke students look for when going out for dinner.

So if you’re in Vienna, I absolutely recommend to take a look at the Naschmarkt, even just for a hot drink during a chilly afternoon or a quick bite at lunch. You choose!

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