No resolutions please: My feedback on 2016!

It might seem odd, given that everybody seems to think that 2016 sucked, but I’m quite happy of how 2016 did go. And I don’t like that much making new year resolutions, because I mostly then don’t stick to them! What I hope is that the new year would always be better than the past one and so I made a list of what I accomplished in 2016, which should be even longer and better at the end of 2017. Of course numbers help!!

So in 2016 I got to:

  • visit 14 countries
  • visit 2 continents
  • take 21 planes
  • live in 2 countries
  • have 16 different flatmates
  • finally have my own apartment, even if it’s just a studio
  • host 3 friends in my apartment
  • pass 10 uni exams
  • read 6 non-law books (though I really should do better in the new year)
  • watch 110 films
  • go 13 times to the cinema
  • shared 192 pictures on Instagram
  • meet countless new friends
  • live countless amazing adventures

And of course I’ve created this blog last May, on which I’ve published until December 31st 21 posts!!

The only thing I’m really not satisfied with is the small number of books I’ve read, but at least I watched quite a lot of movies. Given that I love watching tv series and I found myself quite ignorant about cinema, although living in a country where the cinema is quite important, I decided to dedicate more time to good movies instead to some American series. I also promised myself I would have relaxed myself with a good movie at the cinema, because sometimes is a good think to dedicate some time and money for your own well being.

While in 2015 I understood what the limits of my traveling passion were and what I wanted in my life, in 2016 I finally understood what my future career will be.

In 2017 I just want to become a better person, continue growing up, travel even more, get fitter and, last but not the least, put even more effort in my studying duties!

To a wonderful 2017! Happy New Year everybody!!

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