Il posto di Ste – Trento, Italy

Sorry to break this to you people, but Christmas celebrations are already over for this year. And it left behind big bellies and a desperate need of gym and diet. And when you’re a university student who’s already back in the library and struggling to survive the exams, this is an even harder problem, because you struggle in balancing the need of eating something healthy after days of stuffing yourself (and before the huge amount of booze you’ll drink in less than a week and the at least two days you’ll spend with an awful hangover) with the little time and money uni life leaves you to eat. But I’m coming in your help today, at least in help of my fellow colleagues here in Trento, at least to the about one hundred which are with me, right now, in the uni library.

Who knows me knows way too good that I love food: I love to eat and eat well. And although I’m broke, I don’t mind spending something more to eat something better! And when it comes to try new kind of food from other countries nobody can stop me (in fact I ate so much cous cous with chicken, vegetables, lamb, etc. in Marrakech that I probably won’t eat cous cous for the rest of my life!).

But today I don’t want to tell you about a fancy place found somewhere in the world, but a very nice place found randomly at night after going to the movies with friends. And, moreover, I found it in my town! I know Trento is quite a small city, a paradise among the mountains, and although its beauty, it is not quite student-friendly town. University has been here now for more than 50 years, and students have played an important role in the town’s story, but still sometimes they seem to bother the citizens (and usually the problem is noise). But, coming from this province, although from a far far away valley, I feel some pride towards the city where I was born and I fight my own personal battle of showing how it’s actually possible to have some nice time here as well. Sure, maybe there’s no disco in the city centre where to dance till the morning and get wasted, but there are several other options. And anyway, who has time (and energy) for dancing right now?!

So the story begins with a nice relaxing movie at the cinema to relax after hours spent, guess where, in the library! But going straight from the library to the movies didn’t imply time for dinner: so we all came out starving. And there it was, “Il posto di Ste”. In Italian literally means Ste’s place and it’s this little restaurant, a little bit hidden, right in the city centre. Who knows me also knows I love interior design, and although I really like the design here, have no idea how to describe it: it’s sort of a mixture of old American diner, minimal winery, and Italian trattoria. It’s that kind of interior design that immediately makes you feel welcomed, almost at home. If I weren’t Italian, I’d say it’s the kind of place that looks Italian.

But of course you don’t go there for design, you go there for food! And damn, the food is good. When I talk about healthy food, I don’t mean just salads and smoothies. I believe in eating in moderation everything and, most importantly of all, eating with quality. In this place you can only have what Americans would call paninis, and what in Italy we call panini (dear Americans, there’s non need of an “s”, given that’s already plural!). But it’s not the quick sandwich you could get from any café, it’s a marvelous composition of Italian specialities, the most tasty and famous cured meats and cheeses put together to create a masterpiece. Sure it’s not as cheap as the toast you can get in the canteen, but it so worth it!

What I got:


salame toscano, abruzzino affumicato, pesto di basilico genovese DOP (8€)

Salami from Tuscany, smocked provola from Abruzzo, pesto from Liguria, all in two huge slices of bread.


So if you’re in town and wanna try something quick and tasty, go to “Il posto di Ste” and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Largo Carducci 55

38122 Trento, Italy

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  1. Sunniva says:

    I wish I was in town 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One day, whenever it is, you’ll have to come visit! As I’ll come to Norway! 😉❤️


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