Sometimes you just go back

If this is not the first time you read my blog, you’d probably know I started writing here while studying for one year in England. I unfortunately left on June 22nd and although I didn’t get to go back in September, my friends did, or at least the ones who didn’t graduate yet.

So when my friend Alessia proposed to me to go back for some days for Halloween, I couldn’t say no.

It is nice to go back to sometimes. When we travel, we always seek for new places, for new adventures, for new foods. It’s nice to tick something off the to-see list. But going back to familiar places is quite underestimated to me. Sure it is exciting to find new spots to take pictures at, to satisfy curiosity, but what about taking a walk in a place you already know, remember the memories you built there?


That’s what I felt being back to Lancaster. I didn’t realized I missed the place until I was back. I remembered how the first day I arrived in America the way from Terminal 3 to the train station in Manchester airport seemed sooooo long; I remembered the Roses game I won with my volleyball team in the Sport centre; I remembered the first coffe I got with my roommates at the pub on the canal, right in front of our dorm; and, given that it was Halloween, I remembered how my flatmate took care of me last year when I pretty much collapsed on the couch and woke up with fake blood everywhere!

I think we have to go back sometimes, to remember again even the little details we forgot but that contributed to make the memories unforgettable.


And damn, I missed those girls!


Anyway, these days were also a great chance to try my new lens! It arrived in the mail right the day before departure and had so much fun mainly taking portraits of tht hottie of my friend Alex (and instructed her to take nice pictures of me)!! So, besides writing too many words about the great party our friend Ludo threw, I’ll let the pictures show how cute we were! Because, well, we were ready pretty much an hour and a half before the beginning of the party just to take picture, many of them!!



I know…masterpiece!!!

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  1. Sunniva says:

    Coming back is always bittersweet to me. It nice, and comfortable, and fantastic to see the familiar, but I always mourn over what is not there anymore too. The pictures look great, I especially looove the first one from the halloween collection.


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