How it hurts to say NO to traveling

As I said in my first post in this blog, I consider myself totally addicted to traveling. I can’t stop myself from booking a ticket, packing a suitcase and having that sensation of feeling both lost and excited at the same time. So when my friend Sunniva offered me to escape from the cold winter in the mountains to some hot white beaches I couldn’t possibly think of saying no. She’s currently traveling from California through Central America, and she offered me to spend three weeks together in Cuba. I was so excited when I found out that a plane ticket to cuba was just 500€ for a return! The problems began when I told/asked my parents, because they put my feet on the ground. First of all, they reminded me how I currently don’t have that money on my bank account (poor student) and second of all they reminded me I would have missed 3 weeks of class right before exams. Given they pay my rent, they still have the power to stop me from flying to the other side of the globe. So I had to say NO, and it still hurts terribly. I understand all the reasons, but  would have love to visit Cuba and its decadent beauty, notwithstanding the fact that Sunny is my travel soulmate!  I dream of a future when I will have enough money to travel around wherever I want or I will even be sponsored to do it (that would be amazing!!). Gonna have to put more time and effort in this blog, though, to achieve it! And it scares me a little bit that I spent the past 3 years and gonna spend 3 more studying law and what I dream is to travel!

Anyway you don’t need to fly for 10 hours to find adventures and beauty. I have the fortune to be born in a land, Trentino, where the only natural resource, besides water and wood, are our marvelous landscapes! So yesterday I went on a boat ride on lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. Although the most northern tip of it is in my region, its waters also touch two other regions, Lombardia and Veneto. And I got to see all 3 sides of it from a point of view unusual to me. I have been in those place quite a lot of times before indeed, but by car: the road is usually above the little villages that are located right on the lake, so you can visit them just if you leave the car and walk downhill through the stone houses. From the boat, instead, you can easily see them all, between the water and the mountain, in all their beauty.

The village of Limone, in Lombardia. Its name means “lemon”in Italian, and it’s due the fact that in the past people was mainly involved in the cultivation of lemons, thanks to the warm lake climate
The colorful village of Torbole, on the Trentino side of lake Garda

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  1. Sunniva says:

    Wish you could have come with me. But that looks gorgeous! Is this close to your house?


    1. YES it is! It’s only about 20 min by car!! You should totally come visit darling!


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