My Oktoberfest adventure

One week ago I could delete something from my to-do list. Exactly one week ago, in fact, I was in Munich, Germany, for the OKTOBERFEST!! It has always been a dream for me to go there, as for young people here where I live finally going to the Oktoberfest could actually be considered as a statement of finally being an adult. I mean, you pretty much go to Germany to a place where hundreds of thousands of people gather just to drink bier.

I  haven’t planned to go, until in August, at the end of a one-week-long job in Copenaghen, my boss invited me and my colleagues to Munich for a week-end. So I was pretty lucky, because I didn’t have to spend money for accommodation and got to spend a really nice time with very good friends (have the best colleagues in the world, sorry not sorry!!). The only request was that we should have had to wear dirndl and lederhosen, which are the typical dress with apron for women and the brown leather pants with checked shirt for men. So it all got even more exciting when about 2 weeks earlier I ordered the perfect dress on Amazon Deutschland, and it even arrived in 2 days to Italy!! (God bless Amazon!) I have to say, I haven’t been so excited about buying a dress since when I bought my prom dress back in 2012 in the United States. It also kinda felt like going back to my past somehow: the dirndl, in fact is not just the Bavarian typical dress, but it is typical of all the Austrian and alpine area, which is South Tyrol, where I live. Being 1/8 from Vienna also helped.

Of the all weekend we actually spent just Saturday night at Theresienwiesen, and it was actually enough. I think there should be a break of at least 2 days between two consecutive nights at Wiesn in order to survive. And major advise is to stick to bier: do not try to have shots of Schnapps as my colleague and I did!!

But Oktoberfest is more than just drinking bier. It has a long story, that goes back to 1810: for their wedding, Crown prince of Bavaria Ludwig and Princess Theresa organized a party that lasted days, with horse races and food for all the population. In the years it evolved in a huge luna park, where the breweries from Munich sell their biers, each in huge tents which can host up to 10.000 people each.

Another major advice: 80% of the tables in the tents can be booked in advance, while only 20% remains free. Even if you want not to spend to much money, I still advise you to get a table: it costs about 80€ per person, but it usually comes with 2 liters of beers per person and dinner. So you won’t risk to stand all night because you can’t find a table or to stay outside the tent: in some cases, in fact, it’s even impossible to enter the tent if you haven’t pre-booked because they’re too crowded. And queuing all morning for finding a table for the night is not a great choice either. Just spending a little bit more money you’ll be able to fully enjoy the celebration!


I have to spend some words for my transportation to and from Munich as well. I tried for the first time the bus service called Flixbus. It is a famous German service, that since only one year has arrived in Italy as well. Let me just say that it is insanely cheap! I booked a return ticket from my city, Trento, to Munich for 34€. My other option could have been taking the train: it would have taken the same amount of time (about 4h 30m), but cost 80€. Good things are also that you have quite some room for legs, bags, etc., a plug to charge your phone or your laptop, and wi-fi (oh, and toilets too)!! Quite a leisure trip! Sure, it might be crowded, but not more crowded than trains anyway, and you’ll always have a sit for yourself. So if you don’t mind sitting in a bus for some hours, this is surely a very cheap way to travel around Europe!

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