My love for flea markets (or How I bought another Polaroid!)

So sorry for the outrageously long absence, but exams were my priority in the past month.

But this week I have to tell you about one of the things I love the most while traveling: flea markets. This article was inspired by my Saturday lunch break. You might ask yourself why, and I’ll explain. I’ve spent the all morning in the library studying (I’m unfortunately never done studying) and when it was lunch time, I preferred to walk a little bit through the flea market in my city. It takes place twice a month in two different squares. It’s not very big, but I love anyway to go through those tiny tables looking for some treasure. I’ve always been keen on old stuff: I’m not a complete vintage girl, I just like having some cute pieces with a story around the house. And I’ve now a new apartment to decorate: what a pity! So my expectations weren’t too big, I knew I probably wouldn’t have found anything extraordinary. But instead I found my little treasure. You may already know that I love photography and, besides trying to learn to use my DSLR better, I love just shooting on film or with my old Polaroid. Problem is that I cannot always shoot anagogic because it’s terribly expensive and I cannot afford it yet. So I try to take just the best shoots with them. Anyway, what I found on sale in a alley of my city this Saturday was a Polaroid EE44, produced in 1976-1977 and brand new. I mean, NEW! In the past 39 years nobody used it! In the original box there’s still the warranty with the date it was bought in 1977! So I paid the camera + the original bag 35€, which is not too bad. I could have found it cheaper on e-bay, but  without the original packaging and cover bad and I should have paid shipping as well, so I think it was a pretty good deal. I’m terribly broke, but as Carrie Bradshaw always found money for a pair of Manolo Blahnik, I always find money for a vintage Polaroid. I’ll have to check if I can somehow find the film now, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

My new baby, with a beautiful print by a local artist which I bought as well at the flea market

This is just a small example of what I could find in such a small flea market as the one in my city. But think of what you can find in those huge flea markets you can find in all the biggest European cities!

The best one I’ve been to, so far, is the Mauerpark Flohmarkt in Berlin: it takes place every Sunday in Mauerpark and it’s huge!! There you cannot just find old stuff, but also a great variety of streefood, concerts, handmade wooden furniture, and all those cute crafty products you saved in your Etsy wishlist but never had the money to get. Mauerpark it’s a creative paradise! Obviously it’s also the paradise for vintage cameras: two whole lines of the market are just for cameras and, of course, Polaroids. I have no idea why, the last time I’ve been there, I didn’t get the Polaroid of my dreams: a SX-70, foldable. And I regret it so much I could book a ticket to Berlin just for this right now…if only I had the money! But Mauerpark is not the only flea market in Berlin: in particular during summer you can find one pretty much in every neighborhood. I’ve also visited the Schöneberg one, which takes place in the square where in 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy made the famous speech ending with the words “Ich bin ein Berliner”. It’s not as pretty and big as the one in Mauerpark, but as for every flea market, it’s just a matter of looking for the right thing. So, for 18€ I got a Agfa camera, made in West Germany in 1963. I wasn’t sure it would have worked, but it would anyway have been a nice piece of decoration. Anyway, it works perfectly and it came with it’s original leather cover too!!

Something not so unusual to find at Mauerpark
Versione 2
My 1960s’ babe

If you’re far away from any kind of flea market, don’t worry: there are ways you can find cool things online. Sure, you may be tempted by eBay, but there you can also easily find not so authentic things. A very nice online shop is Depop, which is only available through the app for iOS and Android. It really looks like Instagram, but you can just upload pictures of what you want to sell. It’s there that I bought my first Polaroid (1000) (I’ve already told you about it here!) for 25€: you just contact the seller, ask him/her infos about the product and negotiate with him/her the shipping fees.

My first Polaroid love on the island of Burano,  in Venice

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  1. Sunniva says:

    I love looking through flea markets. Last one I went to was in Brooklyn, and I bought a tiny pocket-version of a play by a Norwegian playwright. It was only $10 and even though I didn’t have cash I just had to buy it!


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