The Laundromat Cafe – Copenhagen

It happens often to me that when I eat in a nice restaurant or café or I sleep in a nice hostel I really want to recommend it to someone, but don’t know how. I’m not a big fan of reviews on Tripadvisor or Booking or other websites, because they’re usually so cold and impersonal. So I decided that if there’s a special place I would recommend, I would write a post about it. You, my dear readers, will find suggestions also in the stories about my adventures, but when I stop in a city for only a brief period, probably working, but I still am able tofind some place peculiar, I will write an autonomous post about the place. You can call it a “review”, but I will put quite a lot of personal feelings and sensations and emotions in it!!

All this nice plan I just wrote down was created in my mind last night while leaving a nice café where I had dinner in Copenaghen. So, while from now on I promise I will post a lot of pictures of foods, drinks and the place in general, I nfortunately, having decided to write this post when I was already leaving, I wasn’t able to take pictures anymore: so I will try to describe it as good as possible now that the memories are still fresh!


Already the name is peculiar: ‘laundromat’ in fact means ‘coin laundry’ and you can actually  find one right next door and, why not, wash your clothes while eating!

The place is really nice! The first thing you notice is the huge wooden counter in the middle of the room, supported by a long bookshelf, full of books in every language ordered by the colour of the cover, making it all a big rainbow. The wall at the back is covered with framed pictures of coin laundries in different counties of the world. On the other wall several maps of Denmark and the various continents play the role of wallpaper.

Besides this paradise for my inner interior designer, the food is pretty good as well. I obviously cannot talk for the all menu, but I can at least tell you that what I ate was pretty good. I ordered:

  • LAUNDROMAT CLUB SANDWICH: chicken, bacon, salad, tomato and smocked baconnaise. Served with French fries and mayonnaise. – 98 Kr. (about €14)
  • Organic ginger ale – 30 Kr. (about €4)

I spent in total €18. I know that it may sound like a lot of money, because a dinner like this wouldn’t usually be this expensive in Euro countries. But in a Danish point of view, this was actually a good price. Moreover, the plate was actually pretty big and I struggled to finish all my food. There’s also a big selection of European beers you can choose from.

The place is not very big, more the size of a café than of a restaurant, so it could be difficult to find seats for a big group of people.

You might have noticed how I started this brief “review” with a description of the place and the food almost came last. It’s not that I don’t think food is important, it obviously is the protagonist, but I also believe a lot in first impressions, especially in cafes and restaurants. They don’t have to be luxurious, I love the ones with old furniture or with pieces made out of recycled materials. But they have to show that somebody cared about the look of that couple of rooms as much as they cared about the food.

As I said, I unfortunately don’t have any picture of the place. The only picture I took is the one you can see as cover of this post, which is actually of the front page of the menu. I took just because I really liked it, and thinking about the caption for it when posting it on Instagram probably is what made me get the idea of this review. Hope you enjoyed it!

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