My “literature travels”

There’s some news on this newborn blog of mine. It’s almost two months I’ve been writing on it and ideas keep spinning in my mind. So there’s gonna be a new category of posts about more traveling adventures, in particular about my so called “literature travels”. Because travels are not my only passion, unfortunately (unfortunately because my days should be at least 48 hours long in order to have time for all my passions and hobbies): I’ve always loved the words printed on paper, both when I read them and when I write them. So my past thoughts of becoming a writer and a journalist have now evolved into this blog, while books always come with me. Travels and books come together: long hours spent on a plane, on a train, on a bus are perfect to dive into a novel. And even when you’re not physically traveling around but just in your cozy little reading corner in your house you can travel to the most amazing places and have the most unforgettable adventures through the pages of a book.

So I decided to share with you, my dear readers, this passion of mine. While I usually post on this blog during week-ends (even if lately I haven’t post much because I prefer traveling without my laptop, but I have so many new ideas and pictures you should look forward to see), I will post about my literary travel on Wednesdays. It might be that I won’t post about it every week, depending on my reading speed, but you can always keep updated on the last posts signing up with your e-mail address right at the bottom of this page.

And after these long introduction and self-advertisement, you might be asking yourself when I will actually start talking about books. Well, you should know that I read pretty much everything that interests me. So I’m not a big fan of fantasy, but I have very well appreciated some that I’ve read, I really think thrillers are underrated when they are only considered as books to read on a beach at summer, I’m focused on getting myself a more classic literary culture, because I’m kind of ashamed of the fact that I’ve never read anything by Jane Austen or by the Brontë sisters.

What will also be kind of peculiar of this new section is that it will be quite multilingual. The reason is easily explained: I’m Italian, I’ve recently spent one year studying in England, I speak (or rather, try to) English, German and Spanish and I’m always keen on learning new languages. So my readings are as well in different languages. My knowledge of English often allows me to read a book in its original version, while I might read something in Spanish or German sometimes in order not to forget the language. And of course, Italian literature is pretty cool. So I will write reviews in English, as all the posts of this blog, but when I will quote (and I loooove to quote) I will directly quote in the language of the book. You will really get a lot of quotes, because when I read a book I seriously love to underline the most beautiful sentences with a red and blue teaching pencil which I stole from my mother’s desk.

Last thing to know and then I’ll probably stop boring you for today: my roommate last year noticed something I had never thought about. She was talking about me with somebody and I overheard her saying: “She loves to read novels based on which they made a movie.” And in that moment I realized that is completely true. So many times, if I see the trailer of a movie which will come out soon, my eyes shine as soon as I read the magic words “Based on the book by…” and I will go and read the book before watching the movie…or TV series. Yes, because I’m probably the only twenty something person on this planet who has not watched any episode of Game of Thrones yet, because I wanna read the books first. But don’t worry, the first one is right there on my bookshelf, looking at me first thing when I wake up, almost begging me to be read, but I just answer back “later”, but the day will come and it’ll be glorious and I’ll probably become a GOT geek (God, I’ve already started to write down “GOT)! Anyway, usually books don’t fail me, no matter how good the movie is, they always give me stronger emotions. The only exception, so far, has been “Shutter Island”: I thought the movie was way better than the novel by Dennis Lehane, but probably it was just because in it there was my boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio (hehe).

See you next week with the first story of my literature travels!

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  1. Sunniva says:

    Can’t wait to read these – despite not featuring too many fantasy books (my favourites). I suggest picking up Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice as your first attempts at Austen, and I personally disliked Wuthering Height but LOVED Jane Eyre. Also, I cannot express how boring I think GOT was. But that’s up to you to decide.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the advices sweetie!! 🙂


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