God save Pinterest!!

This week’s post is entirely dedicated to the celebration of a way too underestimated social network: PINTEREST!! I have to say, I am the first one who snobbed Pinterest for a long time. I downloaded it for the first time about four years ago and, yeah, it was fun, but after a while all those miraculous fitness exercises I would have never done and those hair tutorials which never came out right and those super easy recipes which I burnt too many times, everything became quite boring. That is why I deleted Pinterest from my phone, saving quite some memory, battery and lifetime.

Everything changed about two months ago. In a sudden interior design mystical crisis, I re-downloaded Pinterest and found so many nice ideas for the refurnishment of a rustic mountain hut which will probably completely absorb my mother’s free time this summer. In the same days I was actually planning a trip as well and I tried to look for ideas of places to visit, trying to go a little bit more further that the usual Tripadvisor list “10 things to do in..”. And Heaven’s doors opened before me!!! This is why I am writing this post: Pinterest is a travel tool you do not want to miss. You can find plenty of blogs articles, pictures, tips for any place you want to visit.

I am currently travelling through Scotland and even if this is a quite small country, there are numerous places which are worthed to visit. Unfortunately my time is not enough to visit every Scottish corner, but I think I planned out quite a nice tour. I will write a post about this Scot adventure later on, but here I have to tell you how useful Pinterest was. The first term I searched was “Scotland” and I found plenty of tour plans and suggestions. I looked up the location of the different attractions on Google Maps and drafted my idea of tour, where to sleep and what trains to catch, and, mostly important, how many days to spend there. I then searched every location again on Pinterest, and accurately pinned tips on visits, transportation and hikes. And everything well organised in different pinboards.

I do not like to organise every detail when I travel, because experience taught me that nothing always goes as you have planned when it comes to travelling. But I like anyway to book hostels and transports in advance in order to get the best prices.When it comes to places to visit, I usually just make a list of things to see and to do and when I am there I actually can tell what I will be able to do, depending on time, locals’ suggestions and wheater. Pinterest is in my opinion the quickest and easiest way to draw these lists.

I hope Iย have given you some nice travel tips!


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