The curse of a hopeless wanderer: things you have to suffer if you have to travel for living

I started travelling when I was seventeen and I have not stop yet. I love so much visiting new places, meeting new people, eating new food, etc. that I always look for some way to do it spending as little money as possible. So I travel for work, I travel for volunteering, I sleep in the cheapest hostels, I travel for studying, with the excuse that it might all look nice on my CV, when I actually only want to explore another part of the world. What could seem the best and most adventurous life ever has also its very own poor consequences. Being a hopeless wanderer is not an easy job: it feels more like a drug addiction.

  1. One day you realise that you love to travel so much that for at least the next ten years you cannot think to settle down. You might maybe start planning a wedding and a family when you are thirty, because if you are a real hopeless wanderer, you know there is no such thing as a long-distance relationship.
  2. You fall in love everywhere you go. Not being able to settle down does not mean you have to say No to love! (God, this sounds cheesy!!) There is always a special someone in every continent with whom you leave a piece of your heart. (Damn, even cheesier!!) Breaking-ups do not even hurt anymore, because they usually occur when you are leaving with a suitcase full of memories and you are happy that that person has been in your life, even if only for a short amount of time. …Who am I kidding? It hurts anyway, always. But travelling gives you more chances to fall in love and more chances to get hurt.
  3. You start collecting several small things from every place where you have been because it feels like some day you are going to forget some adventures, because, hey, you are human. The problem is that one day you will find out that your backpack is too small for all the patches you have bought and your suitcase is too microscopic for all the stickers.
  4. You dream that one day, when you will have to settle down, you will own a huge house, full of souvenirs from your adventures, with frames full of postcards on the walls, maps as wallpaper and lots of photographs all around. In the meanwhile, though, you fill your bedroom at your parents’ house with all these souvenirs, because you pretty much live just with a suitcase.
  5. You love so many different foods from all around the world that, when you are at home, you just miss them all. When you find some of them in your supermarket you are willing to pay any price just to taste them again. And then, one day, you find yourself having a dinner of sushi, olives bread, feta and mulled wine with your friends from Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Russia.
  6. You give up on your name. If people called you in only one way for the first seventeen years of your life, you cannot stand when suddenly they miserably fail in saying your name correctly. Especially when you are Italian and eveybody in the world thinks that your name is right if pronounced with a fake southern Italian accent in the style of “The Godfather”. I come from the most northern region in Italy, damn it! So you just change your name: Alessia becomes Alex, Daniele becomes Daniel/Dan. Being horrified by people trying even to read my name following Spanish grammar rules, I just chopped off the end of it: Cami!
  7. Your phone’s memory is always, ALWAYS, full. The main cause are all the amazing moments you try to capture when the only thing you have around is your phone, and you do not care if the picture taken with your phone always, ALWAYS, kind of comes out quite crapy (despite what commercials tell you). The second cause are all the airline apps you have to download: I mean, okay, the e-boarding pass is so convenient, you do not have to worry anymore on where you put your ticket (usually it is a problem of too many pockets) because it is all in your phone. But everytime you have to download the right airline’s app!!! So in your phone there are either all kinds of photo editing apps, or all kinds of travel-related apps.
  8. God bless Pinterest! Pinterest might not be the most popular social network, but it is surely a very useful tool for travel-addicts. So you spend hours creating new pinboards titled “Weekend in Scotland”, “Summer vacation in India”, “Honeymoon at the Carribean” (beacause it is never too early to start planning). Without even considering that a possible stalker is going to know where you exactly are.
  9. You are always jealous of your travelling friends. It might seem stupid, but even if you are living your own adventures, seing pictures of your friends having fun in another continent triggers something in you, and it is exactly that something that sometimes pushes you into planning a new trip.
  10. Goodbyes do not make you cry anymore. You probably have hundreds of friends around the world and each of them has left a mark in a moment of your life. But when it comes the time to say goodbye, the only thing you can do is to hug your friend, maybe promising you will see each other again, even if in reality it seldomly happens. You might even look like the frigid one, because you cry for every kiss in a movie but cannot cry saying goodbye to a friend you might not see anymore in your life. But you have learned to live the moment and seize the day (despite how rethorical this might sound) and you know that (despite how pragmatical and cold this might sound) you are going to live new adventures and find new friends to experience them with.

I hope this list does not sound like a epic poem (for its lenght, not for its high quality content) written by some spoiled kid, because this is not what it is. As I already said, I do whatever is possible to travel, notwithstanding the lack of money on my bank account. But I simply cannot stop, I would rather starve in order to have enough money for that dream trip. This is why this blog was born: to pass on to the world this passion of mine, and, why not, even to give some advice on how to experience as much world’s wonders as you can even without being a spoiled kid. Sure the way is not an easy one, but it is the most adventurous.


P.S. The title of this post was inspired by this wonderful song by Mumford&Sons:

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  1. Sunni says:

    SO RELATABLE! Especially the full phone memory hahah


    1. Thank you! Then I’m not the only cursed one!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I think “with the excuse that it might all look nice on my CV” is the realest statement I’ve read all week!


    1. Hahaha thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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